Why is it important to apply OptiMal_DOE

Good reasons to apply OptiMal



Why you should apply OptiMal-DOE A must tool for six-sigma managers (Black Belts)
Design for Quality Zero defects
From 3-sigma >  > to 6 sigma
3-sigma is equal to 93,32% (- 1,5s) What would 93,32% OK signify for our daily life?
1 hour of unsafet drinking water every month
 2 failed set downs in an american airport every day
400 letters per hour not arriving at the destination
500 wrongly performed operations in hospital each week
4.000 incorrect prescriptions each year
22.000 checks deducted from the wrong account every hour
32.000 missing heartbeats for every person every year
Alternative: our life with 6-sigma: (99,99966% OK)
13 incorrect prescriptions per year
1 lost letter per hour
10 newborn child dropped to the floor (by nurse/doctor) every year