About Optimal


Challenge the consultant to solve limited problems. Call us to help solve DOE tasks, Reliability or other.

Outsourcing when you have too much to do.

  • 6 Sigma mangaement concept
  • Design of Experiment (Forsøgsplanlægning) [DOE].
  • Process optimization
  • Quality objectives
  • Quality Management
  • R eliability analysis (Pålideligheds analyse)
  • Hazard analysis
  • RMA management ( return and complaint management )
  • Auditing - (more than 120 audits performed ISO or Oil & Gas needs)


Consultant and advisor in development of yuour qulity tools and routines.

Examples like:

  • Customer complaint system. (Kunde klage system)
  • Non Conformance System
  • Product management and change control (ECO)
  • Competence management
  • Version control
  • Dispensation /Waivers
  • Internal audits/supplier audits
  • Reliability-, assesment, analysis, calculations/test
  • Audit ing system (AVL/QPL)


The product list above shows such examples built to customers in teh industry.