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OptiMal has specialized in making complete and special solutions for effective Quality Assurance. A standardized ERP solution does not include all the modules that may be required for modern and effective quality assurance of the products and the services.

Optimal values:

  • Our customers attain measurable and persistent results.
  • Quality, service and on time is a natural virtue
  • The best methods & tools are the most important aim
  • A standard solution is often not effective and optimal for an individual business



Design of experiments with OPTIMAL. 'OptiMal-DOE' is a concept and a software program, which guides you through an optimization of a process or a new design element. 'OptiMal-DOE' is a very important part of all Six -Sigma programmes, where improvement is the most wanted and also the most difficult part. 'OptiMal-DOE' facilitates effective control with the design and analysis of the 'design of experiment' activity.
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'Calib' is an advanced system to maintain and control the calibration of your equipment, tools, and measurement equipment. 'Calib' is designed to facilitate both in-house and outsourced calibration. ISO 9001 requirements are fulfilled if you apply 'Calib'. 'Calib' applied ensures effective and well documented control with all the equipment.
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Kundeklage - Complaint

Complaint er et ofte benyttet engelsk ord for behandling af kundeklager. En grundig behandling af klager fører til ny viden og en oplagt mulighed for forbedringer af produktet.
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QSPPP has been developed to serve those businesses with Oil & Gas industry and other businesses where the production is service oriented and/or subcontracted to other suppliers.
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Fra Quality Central kan du samle mange af de daglige registreringer vedrørende kvalitet. Det forenkler datafangst, og det forøger overblikket, ligesom det giver store fordele at integrere.
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Challenge the consultant to solve limited problems. Call us to help solve DOE tasks, Reliability or other.
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